Stone Corral Associated Student Body (ASB)

ASB is a chance to develop leadership skills, make a positive impact on their school and have fun planning events that bring the school community together.


What is ASB?

ASB, or Associated Student Body, is like the student government of this elementary school. It is made up of students who are elected to represent their classmates. They plan events, organize activities, and sometimes help make decisions about school related matters. Think of them as the student leaders who work to make the school fun and inclusive for everyone!


Who are the ASB team?

The Stone Corral ASB team is made up of 7th and 8th graders with a total of 5 roles to fill, but in the past years we have had Co-Presidents thus leading to a team averaging of 5-6 members.


Who runs ASB

ASB is a student led organization. The elected officers: Presidents, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Publicist run all business meetings. All bills and expenditures are discussed by ASB and all legal documents are signed off by the ASB Officers, the advisor and site administration.


What does ASB do?

ASB members play a vital role in enhancing the school experience for their classmates. They organize fun events like spirit weeks, school dances, and fundraisers to boost school spirit and create a sense of community.


How can I be an ASB Member?

To join ASB, students will need to write a speech outlining their ideas and qualifications, record it and then run a campaign to persuade their classmates. You have the option of running for all positions, except for the president position which requires you to have served at least a year in ASB. During the election, students from all grades, kindergarten to 8th grade, vote for their preferred candidates, and members are chosen based on the results. It's a democratic process that allows students to showcase their leadership skills, creativity, and commitment to their school.

Contact Information:

ASB Advisor: Susana Haro [email protected]

ASB Members and Activities