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Please donate to Stone Corral so we can hook up new water fountains to our new community’s new water infrastructure!

Our school is located in Seville, California. It is a small low-income community, which includes one elementary school and a small store located northeast of Visalia in Tulare County.

According to a 2015 study conducted by the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, almost one out of every four students did not consume enough water on a given school day. More than 54% of students were below the recommended minimum water intake level for their age group.

It is so vital for students to have access to a filtered water bottle filling stations at our school. It would be an important step in providing students with a healthy choice in hydrating themselves. It would encourage students to drink water–they won’t unless there is an adequate source. Many students would rather drink sugary drinks if not given a choice of filtered water in a bottle. It would help students drink water instead of other less healthy choices.

It is important to keep kids hydrated. This results in better behavior and performance in school.

Our community has just established a new city water system which provides clean water to each house and our school.

Please help us be able to provide filtered water machines for our students so they may make healthy choices and be hydrated! Thank you!









-Mr. Kemper