Dress Code Policy

Dress Code: 

Stone Corral has a uniform policy.  All students should wear uniforms of a forest green or white shirt and khaki brown pants, shorts, dress, or skort.

Pupils are expected to be neat and clean upon entering school. California Administrative Code, Title 5, section 302 states, “A pupil who goes to school without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness or neatness of dress may be sent home to be properly prepared for school or shall be required to prepare himself for the school room before entering.”

The determination of inappropriate clothing will rest solely with the administration at the site. If the dress code is broken repeatedly by the student, additional disciplinary measures will be taken, including possible suspension of the student.

The dress code reflects our community’s concern for a positive learning environment and a safe campus.


General Guidelines

Students may not dress in a fashion or manner that disrupts the educational process. This includes attire which is hostile to or constitutes a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of themselves or other students.

Students shall not wear clothes or other articles which:

  • Are obscene, sexually explicit, or satanic.
  • Suggest sexually related gestures, obscene and offensive gestures, pictures, or wording.
  • Promote violence, the use/abuse of illegal drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.
  • Represent gangs, racist groups, and/or groups on campus not officially sanctioned by the school district.
  • Are associated with youth gangs or adverse groups.
  • Heavy metal shirts, flight jackets with combat boots, and cut-off pants with knee-high socks are not allowed.
  • No headgear, shirts, jackets, or other clothing may be worn which represent athletic teams or inscriptions that have been determined by the local law enforcement representative of group or gang involvement.
  • Students shall not wear combinations of clothing that could be associated with gang attire.  Some examples of these styles are all khaki, all black, all white, all brown.  This is simply a partial list.  As styles and fads change, so will the types of combinations that the school will have to monitor.
  • Creases are not allowed in clothing that is not commonly pressed (when worn in combination with other gang-related attire).  An example would be an ironed crease in T-shirts or sweatshirts.
  • Students may not wear any clothing that has gang-style writing (commonly referred to as Old English style).  All clothing shall have the original factory produced letters/patterns.
  • Socks must not cover the calf of the leg when worn in combination with shorts that extend below the knee.


Hats and Headgear

Except for school caps; no caps, hats, scarves, or any type of headgear may be worn on campus.  For safety purposes, the code applies to all students.  Exceptions or modifications for medical reasons may be allowed, on an individual basis, with administrative approval.  Headgear will not be worn indoors.


Shirts and Blouses

Students shall not wear halter tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops, tube tops, see-through blouses, low-cut tops, or any shirt that exposes the midriff or the back.  Shirts with a strap must have at least a 2 inch strap.  No under-clothing is to be exposed.  All students shall wear shirts that are at least long enough to be tucked in and no longer than the middle knuckle of the middle finger when the arm is held down at the side.


Pants, Shorts, and Skirts

Pants, shorts, or skirts shall not be oversized at the waist or legs and may not be worn below the student’s natural waistline (sagging).  The waist size of the student’s clothes shall be not more than three inches beyond the student’s natural waist size.  (Example:  If a student has a measured waist size of 30 inches, he/she may wear pants, shorts, or a skirt no larger than a 33-inch waist.)  A student’s underwear shall not be visible above his/her pants, shorts, or skirts.

*All pants, shorts, and skirts shall have an evenly sewn bottom hem and be free of slits and cuts.

*Overalls are to be worn with both straps buckled and over the shoulder at all times and are not to be oversized.

*Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh in length, or longer.

*It may be necessary for female students to wear shorts under their skirts while they are in physical education.



Students’ belts are to be worn appropriately, with the end of the belt tucked in the belt loop (not hanging down).  Belt buckles with letters or writing may not be worn at school.  Overly large and/or heavy buckles are not allowed.



Students shall wear shoes at school at all times.  Shoes may not have open backs or toes.  Shoe heels may not exceed 1½ inches.  Platform and roller skate shoes may not be worn at school.  Steel-toed shoes are also prohibited.  Sandals and house slippers are not considered shoes and may not be worn at school.  On P.E. days, footwear and clothing must be suitable for P.E. participation, as we do not have changing facilities.  Shoelaces must be tied.



Jewelry other than earrings, finger rings, and simple necklaces shall not be worn.  Jewelry may not dangle or protrude more than ¼ of an inch for safety reasons.  For safety reasons, ‘hoop’ earrings may not have an opening larger than ½ inch.  Body jewelry (including facial jewelry) is not permitted.



Hair is expected to be neat and clean. Bizarre hair styles, this includes, but is not limited to: “razor” hair designs and hair dyes of an unnatural color. Grooming products other than hair brushes and combs are not permitted at school.  Styling implements not designed to stay in the hair shall not be worn in the hair.  Clips designed to be worn in the student’s hair shall stay in the student’s hair at all times. The ultimate decision is left up to the administrators discretion.


Accessories and Graffiti

No sunglasses are allowed unless there is a doctor’s note on file at the office.  Bandanas, of any color, shall not be worn on campus or to any school activity.  Chains that are attached to a student’s clothing from their wallet are not to be worn at school. No personal graffiti or temporary tattoos written or placed on the body will be permitted.  Notebooks, backpacks, and school papers must be free of gang or graffiti group writing.  No schoolwork written in gang-style writing will be accepted.



Students may not wear excessive or unconventional make-up to school nor may make-up products be brought to school.