The school offers a solid core instructional day supported by afternoon academic intervention and tutorial classes three days a week.  Our school Site Council is actively involved in the school’s needs assessment and the implementation of our School Improvement Plans. 


In any community, it is possible for a major disaster to occur at any time.  Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires, man-made disasters which can result from chemical accidents, bomb threats, falling aircraft, bus accidents, fire, explosion/threat of explosion, and civil disturbances are potential threats to our community, including our schools. 


The Stone Corral School District recognizes its legal and moral responsibility to provide for the safety and welfare of its students and staff, especially in a disaster situation.  The school district is also aware of its role to work cooperatively with other community agencies to prepare for and effectively deal with a disaster situation. 


Consequently, it is the intent of the school district to assure optimum safety and welfare of its students and staff by developing an effective emergency procedures plan and the necessary in-service/practice to carry out the plan.  How well our students and staff respond will reflect the effectiveness of our plan. 


The district’s plan has been prepared in compliance with Senate Bill 187 and the California Administration Code, Title V, Education Code 560, which requires all public schools to have a written civil defense and preparedness plan.  The plan should be reviewed at least once each year by the local governing board.  Our plan includes specific courses of action to be taken by school district employees in the event of a disaster.  All employees are expected to be completely familiar with the plan and their assigned responsibilities. 


The major goals of this plan are to save lives, protect property, and give aid to those in need in the event of a disaster.  To successfully attain these goals, it is the intent of this plan to make people aware of how to act and react before, during and after the occurrence of a disaster.  Therefore, our plan will include pre-emergency procedures.  The preparation of the school, staff, students and school support groups such as POM will occur during the fall of each year. 


The Stone Corral School District welcomes any constructive suggestions from any staff or community member to improve this emergency procedures plan.  If there are any questions about this plan, please contact the Superintendent’s office at 528-4455. 


Safe Schools Assessment and Discipline Policies 


Our school takes pride in the fact that it is considered very safe by students, staff and the community.  This is due to an ever-vigilant staff working diligently to maintain safety as our number one priority.  Stone Corral School keeps a graffiti-free campus, has adequate supervision of students throughout the day, proactively deals with bullying and prejudiced behavior, has child abuse reporting procedures, and participates in weeklong Red Ribbon activities.  Parents play an important role in keeping our schools safe by supporting administration and staff in safety related issues and reporting to staff members incidents involving students which may adversely affect them. 


Teachers are notified by the principal of any dangerous pupils on campus in accordance with Education Code 49079. 


At the beginning of each school year, the school office issues a Parent/Student Handbook, which includes policies on sexual harassment, mandatory expulsion recommendations, and zero tolerance of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. 


Safe Learning Environment 


The Governing Board believes that all children should have the opportunity to receive educational services in a safe learning environment.  In order to provide a safe learning environment, the Governing Board provides safe transportation for all students.  No students are allowed to walk to or from school or any school activity.  Good behavior is key to a safe learning environment and for that reason all students and parents are advised of behavioral rules and consequences of unsafe or inappropriate behavior.  Students are to report to staff any problems that make the campus unsafe. Staff members are to act on the complaints as appropriate.